Born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1952. Graduated Waseda University, majoring in applied physics. His early works won a prize in the 1st Seibu Musium Grand Prize Exhibition on Print Works, the 18th Asia Contemporary Art Exhibition, the Selected Works’ Exhibition in Taipai, etc. His print works were recorded in “A Yearbook on Japanese Contemporary Print Works in 1984,” published by Koudansya Corp. In the beginning, he made his artworks by combining holography, photo-silkscreen, or some objects. Since late 1980’s, he moved onto the works with various textures on Washi paper or canvas. His current works are characterized by their unique stone-like surface, such as Zen pottery or earthenware with hieroglyphic. He has been staying in New York from 2000 to 2002, and has held many exhibitions in both New York and Tokyo, and also in Kochi (Japan) after that.

Solo Exhibitions

—totally twenty eight shows from 1981 to 2020
J. M. Gallery (New York, USA)
Promo-Arte Gallery, Butterfly Gallery, Jiyoogaoka Gallery, Nakamura Gallery, Ginza Kamakura Gallery, Tohyoh Gallery, Nihonbashi Galaxy, Keio Plaza Hotel, etc.(Tokyo, Japan)
COMO Salon Gallery, Okamura Hospital Gallery (Kochi, Japan)

Group Exhibitions

—totally twenty two shows from 1981 to 2020
Sakiko Gallery, J. M. Gallery, Jacob Center (New York, USA)
Yohseidoh Gallery, Tokyo American Club, Lumine Square Hall, Ginza San-ai Gallery, Gekkohsoh Gallery, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Seibu Museum, The National Art Center Tokyo, etc.(Tokyo, Japan)
Yokohama Civic Gallery (Yokohama, Japan)
Gallery in the Museum of Art, Kochi, Toyota Nets Gallery (Kochi, Japan)


J. M. Gallery (New York, USA)
New York Art Corp (Tokyo, Japan)


[個展]―1981年~2020年 28回

[グループ展]―1981年~2020年 22回

作品ご購入に興味のある方は、株式会社New York Art(03-6215-8316)まで

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